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Hey there, I'm Whitney Lubin

Full Stack Engineer

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What I do

Software Consultations

What I offer in my Software Consultations is a Cost and Benefit analysis of what technologies are needed for the architecture of your platform.

Armed with this information entrepreneurs and businesses will find themselves better equipped to establish a realistic development budget, recruit talent, build, and scale their product.


So I'm kind of obsessed with this space. I offer development services for businesses who want to launch Apps for the Shopify store, or who need a custom private Shopify App for their own Shopify store.

I also offer consultations and store audits to help entrepreneurs and brands launch their first shopify store successfully.


I love learning, and teaching so it's a no brainer that some of my favorite projects tend to be the ones where I'm helping entrepreneurs launch online courses.

I offer consultations to help you launch a new course website or integrate a Learning Management System into an existing website.

My Work

Who I am

Software Engineer based out of Miami, FL

I've spent the bulk of my professional career working with businesses to find technology solutions, and as a community advocate and mentor.

As a Full Stack Engineer I have had the pleasure to work with great team members building solutions for clients. I enjoy melding my past experiences in technology ajacent client facing roles with my avid appetite for learning new skills. I am commited to exploring new and creative ways to solve old problems, and I look forward to working with passionate people interested in doing the same.

Things I like to play with:

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My work

A selection of my range of work