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Hey there, I'm Whitney Lubin

Technology Architect

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What I do

Software Consultations

I've been asked countless times to join startups as their CTO, or have aspiring entrepreneurs reach out to me to help them build out their MVP. The one thing I've realized they all have in common more often than not, is that they have no idea what kind of infrastructure/software architecture they need to build out the features for their product. My team and I help you to plan your development in a way thats scaleable.

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I'm always eager to share my experiences. As a first generation Haitian American black woman with an unconventional start in the tech space I welcome the opportunity to share my perspective and insights. I speak on a range of topics from entrepreneurship, career transitions, Public Interest Technology, and remote business opportunities in Haiti.

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Who I am

Your Friendly Neighborhood Techie

I've spent the bulk of my professional career working with businesses to find technology solutions, and as a community advocate and mentor.

I am a technology enthusiast with a heart deeply rooted in community empowerment and a mind geared towards innovative solutions. My journey in the tech world has been diverse and rewarding, encompassing roles as a full stack developer, product manager, and currently, a technical program manager at Microsoft. My passion, however, extends beyond my professional achievements to a cause very close to my heart: empowering the Haitian technology community.

I founded Haitians in Tech, a vibrant nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting Haitian technology professionals and enthusiasts across the globe. Our mission is to harness the power of technology for the social and economic development of Haiti. Through this platform, I aim to bridge the digital divide, promote innovation, and open doors to new opportunities for the Haitian diaspora and homeland, fostering a global network of tech-savvy individuals committed to making a lasting impact.

My work with Haitians in Tech is not just about networking and skill development; it’s about building a community that collaborates on open-source civic tech/public interest projects aimed at enhancing the Haitian experience, both in Haiti and abroad. It's a call to action for all of us in the tech industry to leverage our skills for greater good, and it's my way of contributing to a brighter future for Haiti.

As I continue my journey in technology, I remain dedicated to challenging the status quo, inspiring innovation, and empowering our community through the transformative power of technology. Join me in this mission to make a meaningful difference in the world, one tech solution at a time.

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My work

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